Image of Shrub Choisya Ternata Brica

Choisya Ternata Brica (Golden Mexican Orange Blossom/Sundance)

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Sundance is a bushy, rounded, evergreen shrub with palmate leaves divided into three ovate to oblong, glossy, stalkless, bright yellow to yellow-green leaflets. Small corymbs of fragrant, white flowers bloom in late spring, and again from late summer into autumn.

  • They do best in full sun but will grow well in semi-shade.
  • They are partially frost tolerant down to about -3°C / 26°F although read the main article below for more details about growing them in most areas of the UK.
  • They have no real preference for soil type although they will not grow in extremely acid or alkaline soils
  • Tolerate periods of drought especially when grown in the open ground. Their leaves are leathery and retain moisture well.
  • Tolerate neglect well mainly because their nutrient requirement are low and they grow well with no pruning.
  • They produce attractive white flowers (citrus fragrance) from late April to early June and sometimes a second flowering in October / November.
  • Can be grown in the open ground, containers and also make excellent low hedges.
  • Pest free other than damage that is occasionally caused by slugs and rabbits
  • Normally grows to about 1.8m (5ft) high and wide but can grow to 2.5m (8ft) in ideal conditions.