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Three Gates Specialist Nursery

Welcome to our new Online business dedicated to my mother Aggie White - the original energy and driving force behind Three Gates. 

We are specialist growers of Dahlia's and Roses including our own developed Varieties.  


 The name of Aggie White, my mother, and the backbone of Three Gates Specialist Nursery will always live on in the dahlia named after her

She was an unbelievable person always busy either outside weeding,  cleaning up and watering the plants, to being inside making the dinner.

Aggie White, the Dahlia was a miracle as far as I am concerned.  Bred from a sport on one of our  Bryn Terfels in the tunnel to six years later being launched by Halls of Heddon in the UK. That year we won two gold medals at the Leeds trial and in the intervening time it has received many ‘best in shows’

One of her proudest moments was a trip to Aras an Uachtarain to see the dahlia garden we designed in the President's garden at the Phoenix park where there is a  bed of Aggie White growing.

The encouragement strength and backbone of our family business sadly died on the 3rd of June 2020 but her name will always live on in this dahlia and we happily continue the business in her honour.  May she rest in peace and watch over us.


April 2021


A love of growing flowers and  flower arranging nurtured from a young age.



Christopher White

My love of flowers and flower arranging began a long time ago when I went, as a young boy, to the Balbriggan Horticultural show with my grandfather, aunt and cousins. I remember my first arrangement in a jam jar with wildflowers. Then I made another using a vase with chicken wire and a few small Dahlias that I had grown in my own little patch at home. A few years later I entered the Novice Flower Arranging category at the Balbriggan show and was shocked to have won the Taaffe Trophy for best exhibit.

Since then I have been competing both up and down the country and abroad, especially in the UK, winning a Silver Medal in the Chelsea flower show in 2010 and passing my Demonstrators test in Mildenhall in 2008. Over the years I’ve developed my passion for flower arranging both competitively and put it to good use in Wedding arrangements, floral arrangement classes and in the wide variety of flowers and garden plants I grow at my Garden Centre at the Three Gates. 


The Three Gates Nursery where we grow and sell our favourite blooms.


Three Gates Nurseries, Naul, Co. Dublin

We founded The Three Gates Nursery in Naul, Co. Dublin by the house where I grew up, and it is where we grow and sell a wide variety stock of all kinds of Garden plants from our signature dahlias to fruit trees, roses and herbaceous shrubs. The Three Gates Nursery is a place I can work on my arrangements and keep myself well stocked for any occasion, whether it’s a wedding arrangement, funeral wreath or a competition entry.

But out of all of the many plants we grow at the Nursery, the one variety that has always stuck with me is the Dahlia. I’ve always had a huge love for dahlias, being central to my first flower arrangement and nearly every one of them since, this beautiful flower variety comes in all shapes, sizes and colours, and over the years I’ve perfected my care for them to the wonderful and varied stock on display the Nursery today.


Weddings our favourite occasion to create a personal and meaningful collection of floral arrangements for each couple. 

Wedding Flowers

My favourite occasion to arrange flowers for has always been weddings, whether it is a magnificent floral centerpiece for the reception or a stunning bridal bouquet, nothing requires as much passion and love than arranging for these most special and magical occasions. I’ve been putting everything into my wedding arrangements for as long as I’ve arranged flowers, and I’m always incredibly excited to arrange for a happy couple on their big day!

Feel free to send a message with any enquiries or requests!

Christopher White