Image of Perennial Cordifolia Rotblum

Bergenia Cordifolia Rotblum

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growing evergreen with bronze-green wavy, rounded leathery leaves which turn bright red in autumn. In Spring towering red stems carry clusters of deep red pink funnel shaped flowers lasting from March to May. A valuable source of nectar for early pollinators. The compact growth of Elephant’s Ears make it a suitable choice for the front of a border where it will provide a lovely colour. Bergenias are a useful ground cover for banks or rock gardens. They come from the rocky woodlands of the Himalaya and are quite at home in similar conditions. Rotblum can be used as a contrasting plant for softer foliage plants like ferns.

Easily grown in humus-rich, moist, well-drained soils in sun or part shade. Tolerates a wide range of soil conditions, including poor soils but dislikes hot, dry conditions. Heavy shade tolerant.