Westerton Lilian (Large Decorative)
Image of Dahlia Westerton Lilian
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Westerton Lilian (Large Decorative)

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Tall growing plant. Impressive flowers, good for the garden. Released in 2013. Strong grower. 

Full 10″ blooms with superb form. This is a vigorous grower. Too much restriction on the number of blooms grown will cause flowers to become a bit misshapen. For the best size flowers remove the growing point when 4-5 pairs of leaves have developed and thin resulting side shoots down to allow 5-6 shoots to develop (5 if for exhibition). Bred by Gordon Hodgson. 

It's one of my favourite large decoratives. 

Dahlias require a fertile, moist but well-drained soil, and a sunny, sheltered spot. The taller varieties need staking. In autumn, dig up the tubers and overwinter them in a frost-free place, such as a greenhouse or a shed. Bring them back into growth in early April, then plant out in the garden from May onwards.

Shipping Note :

Our Dahlias are all unique varieties propagated here are the nursery. We ship them as growing plants typically 10 to 15cm high, not as tubers. This way you are sure that your plants have the  best opportunity to grow and be successful.  Orders placed for Dahlias are only shipped/available starting in May as we protect them for you from frost until then.

It is important to only plant Dahlias when all chances of frost have passed.  When you place your order you will receive an email to confirm that we have received your order. You will then get a further email when your plants are either shipped or ready to collect from the Garden centre depending on what shipping option you picked at checkout time.