Lavandula stoechas lusitanica (French Lavender Lusi Pink)

Lavandula stoechas lusitanica (French Lavender Lusi Pink)

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Height: 2'
Aspect: Full sun
Soil Type: Well drained
Uses: Aromatic and decorative
Usually available: All year but usually May to September
Pot size supplied: Grown in a 2L pot
Hardiness: Hardy


Lavender, French Lusi Pink – Lavandula stoechas lusitanica is a sturdy variety. Masses of mauve flowers with pink bracts during the summer months. This variety is hardy and grows in free draining soils.

French Lavenders have a very long flowering season. The flowers are also especially attractive to bees and other pollinators.

Grow in a sheltered, sunny position with well drained soil. Ideal for pots, containers as well as hanging baskets where you can enjoy the delightful flowers and fragrance of the foliage.

Deadhead throughout the summer to prolong flowering.