Our Wedding Range

More than just a bouquet, flowers can add so much to every part of your wedding, our arrangements cover everything from dresses, buttons and suits to church's, hotel dining rooms and chairs!

With your outfit : Bouquets and Buttons

Brides Bouquet
Bride's Bouquet
The iconic centrepiece of any wedding. We pride ourselves on our bride’s bouquets. Arranged to your personal taste in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Each individual flower is wired and we make a teardrop or a posy shape as shown.
Bridesmaid's Bouquets
These colourful bouquets are usually posy-shaped and have one of the flowers from the bride's bouquet which the bride has chosen. The flowers could usually be a white or cream rose depending on the colour of her dress. 
Mother of the bride and groom arrangements
A wonderful wedding tradition is the presentation of Bouquets to the mothers on the day of the wedding in basket vases. These can be done in a wide variety of styles and can be left at the reception of the hotel or collected by the groom as suitable.
Flowergirl's mini-bouquet
No need to leave the kids out on all the fun! We make small bouquets for the flower girls. A little basket is also possible or a round ball in a posy shape.
Flowers on the button are always a great way to add to the outfits of many of the important guests. These could be the groom's buttonhole, the father's buttonhole, the mother of the bride, the groomsmen, page boys, and these can be done in many different ways. We could incorporate a magnet into the buttonhole for the mother's so there's no pin going into her new dress. The magnet holds it in place.

Church Flower Arrangements

Church Arrangements
Pedestal arrangements
These arrangements are usually triangular in shape. We do supply pedestals. They can be hired from us for the wedding, coming in either metal or wood.
Altar Arrangements
One of the most important and central parts of the Church, an Altar arrangement is the perfect extra touch! We arrange flowers for all kinds of Church Altars including the back and side Altars. Some couples prefer to use these instead of pedestals depending on the size of the church. 
Wedding Candle arrangements
Flowers are the perfect way to top off the Wedding Candles. The arrangements usually have   three candles in them and can run at the front of the altar depending on the style. We make them in both modern and traditional ways to match the bride and groom's tastes. See the pictures for an example.
Seat arrangements
Seat Arrangements can add a huge amount of colour to any part of the Wedding! These arrangements hang onto the chairs and are very mobile. They can be used at the Church as well as the hotel at the table arrangements. We have tall ones that go on the ends of stands, two at the back of the church, two in the middle and two in the front. They're on 5-6ft tall stands and there are church candles in the middle of them, battery operated for your health, safety and comfort. We can also decorate the seats with a simple ribbon or add it to your overall Seat Arrangement.
Wedding Arches
The perfect site for a beautiful wedding picture and as part of the entire day, our Wedding Arch Arrangements come in all shapes, colours and sizes! These are made to suit the Church or wedding location and can also be hired for the day.
Door entrance arrangements
We can decorate any other entrances and doors at any point of the day with our Door Entrance Arrangements, which come with their own iron stands which can be hired for the day. 
Bay Tree
We are always more than happy to accommodate the natural look of Wedding Bay Trees. We can put Ribbons or Lights in them and you can hire them out for the day.
Church Window Arrangements
We do a wide variety of arrangements for Church Windows, from modern to minimalistic and traditional!

Flowers for the Hotel or Marquee

Hotel Flowers
Top Table Arrangement
While the Bride's Bouquet steals the show at the church, the Top Table takes over at the hotel! This table is usually arranged to match the Bride's flowers and usually done in a modern style along the front,however many other kinds of styles and arrangements are possible too!
Standing Arrangements
Propped on an Iron stand, standing arrangements at the hotel can really make the celebration stand out and can be hired for the day.
Table Arrangements
Arrangements for both the guest tables and other smaller tables. These are normally done in large vases, though candles for the smaller arrangements are also common. 
€20-50 Each
Wedding Cake Arrangements
These arrangements are usually small and can feature real or artificial flowers depending on your preference.
€15-80 Each