Newbridge House


One of my favourite major projects over the years has been without a doubt, the decoration of Newbridge House. I was honored to be asked to decorate it for and have been back plenty more times to add a dash of floral colour to all kinds of events and seasons, complimenting the stunning architecture of Newbridge's designer, James GIbbs.


The front Entrance Hall had a set of 2 pillars either side of the fireplace with an arrangement across the top and a 12ft panel of flowers and foliage between the pillars.  I placed a 10ft long arrangement on the Chimney plinth which is some 15ft from the floor.  A garland went across the sloping mantle shelf with a couple of pedestal arrangements on the other walls.  All these designs consisted of Christmas foliage, holly copper oak, ilex berries, poinsettias and gold twigs.

The Dining Room

The first time I decorated the dining room was for Halloween.  For the table I got inspiration from the Dahlias which I grow.  I matched them with wonderful Pumpkins, Chinese Lanterns, Orchids and Pin Cushion Protease.  Over the fireplace I had a series of six containers with cut out faces which looked like pumpkins but were in fact a beautiful bronze, they had orchids and orange sticks coming out of them.

Christmas Dining Room

For Christmas the dining room table was decorated with arrangements in tall black champagne vases to echo the colour of the fireplace.  I also used the same vases on the side tables and in front of the mirror to continue the theme.

The wonderful design on the mantelpiece had beautiful Christmas tree foliage, ilex berries, ordinary holly, poinsettias and red Anthuriums.

I placed cones in the heart of the fire with a fantastic piece of driftwood, which I borrowed from a friend, to one side .  This had ivy and Anthuriums cascading down.

There are 2 pedestals in the room onto which I placed gold bowls into which I placed orchids, bling and roses, with Christmas tree foliage around the base with roses cascading down to the floor.

The Library


I decorated across the top of the library bookcases with wonderful poinsettias and roses on willow sticks.  The fireplace has a traditional triangular design in it with Christmas tree foliage and masses of ilex berries as was the urn arrangement on the desk. 


I was absolutely delighted to be asked to do Newbridge House and I hope you enjoy the pictures and work. I was there for six years and although I worked long days, it didn’t feel like work at all! The arrangements were well received and I was very touched to hear their review of my time with them :

"Christopher has brought a whole new dimension to our seasonally inspired activities by appropriately and authentically decorating the House with the beautiful floral arrangements. Learned historians and the general public have described these displays as breathtaking and the accentuate the gorgeous original interiors. Every arrangement illustrates Christopher’s immense talent as a floral artist and his respect and admiration for historic interiors."

-Brenda Comerford, Property manager, Newbridge House and Farm.