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Grow argyranthemum in full sun or light shade and moist, well-drained soil rich in organic matter, such as compost. If you grow argyranthemum in containers, select a high-quality potting mix rather than using soil from your garden. Garden soil is too heavy for containers to drain well and can introduce pests or diseases into the pot. Once established, argyranthemum does a pretty good job of holding up to drought, but hot, dry conditions will make its flowers fade faster. Prevent this by spreading a layer of mulch over the soil around the plant to help retain moisture. This also cuts back on weeds!

Summer bedding plants are to be planted after frost at the end of May or in June.

Most bedding plants are annual, which means they only grow and flower for one year. They are discarded at the end of the season, and the following year new plants will be grown. This gives you the freedom to change your bedding displays every year for a different visual effect.

To pot up your seedlings and plant plugs, first water the plants well. Lift them out of the soil, handling them by the leaves rather than the stems. If you damage a leaf, it will grow back. But if you damage the stem, you’ll lose the plant.

Plant them into their new pot to the same depth as before, then firm down the compost and use a liquid feed to water them in.

In late spring or early summer when all risk of frost is passed, plant out your new bedding plants to their final positions in your garden.